Leo Espinosa
The Inconvenient Truth
Like many of you, I've been deeply disturbed by the new detainee legislation. Under Bush's plan, such legislation would liberalize the definition of what torture is and the CIA will reserve the right to use the toughest tactics. What a sick example this nation is showing.
BUT, since I've said that every single post from me would be about or related to art, I will leave you with these images I thought would never see American Ground. My fellow Colombian artist, Fernando Botero, who is known for his charming and rounded characters, did a series of paintings last year about Abu Ghraib. Many museums in Europe have shown them but so far not even one American museum has made an offer to bring them.
However, there's a gallery in New York that will, and if you are around here this month, you should not miss this chance.

Horrors do not only get told by news. Artists have the choice to do so or to be oblivious to the events that form our history. At least when horrors get translated into art we can see that art itself will never swallow injustice and that is there for us to learn from our mistakes. I'm glad Botero, who could perfectly ignore this situation and keep living comfortably, is outraged and active about this very important issue.
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