Leo Espinosa
144 Hours (awake) in Berlin

Needless to say, this was a very intense trip. Both from the professional and the personal point of view. We shared with Zimm the need to step out of our world to put things in perspective, to be able to question ourselves and see the whole picture from a different angle.
Berlin is an amazing place, full of creativity and artists that can still afford to live in a city that by European standards is not that expensive and I think, very low key. The Pictoplasma event -a pretty much 12 hour daily extravaganza- was mind blowing. Of course it had the occasional tech problem or the little timing mishap, but over all, those guys pulled off something impressive. So, congrats Peter and Lars!
The people that gave the lectures were mostly very, very professional and I was really impressed with the way the British presented their work. The Dutch where the ones with the most out there stuff (I mean, freakin' crazy stuff!), and the people from this side of the pond... well, they weren't bad, except for one very obnoxious character that is just way too full of himself. I should not forget my fellow South Americans who also kicked butt.
The best thing was to see that big people are really nice and open people. Pete Fowler, Studio AKA, Tim Biskup, Friends with You, Motomichi Nakamura, Christian Montenegro, Airside, to name a few. Pictoplasma allowed easy access to all these monsters and they were all super cool and willing to share their knowledge.

As a personal experience, I was able to stay with some really good friends, who gave me one of their bikes to go around town and that waited for me every single night to share a drink and some good laughs, no matter how late I showed up at their flat. Even though the week was full of things to do, and sometimes I felt totally overwhelmed, I kind of got the hint that I should slow down my life a couple of notches, taking care of my family, my friends and my spirit first.

Here's some random pics. I'll add proper credits to all of them tonight.

PS: Sorry I missed you Linzie. I hope your trip went as you expected.
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