Leo Espinosa
Reflecting on the future

Future Shock (a really cool mix of music, art, design and fashion) was the second theme driven event created by Future Classic and it took place last saturday at the Boston Center for the Arts. I made it into the show at the last minute and I had no idea of how it was going to come out, no clear expectations about showing my work there. I guess, that's why I didn't tell my fellow Boston Drawgeroids to come and see it (I wasn't sure if it was going to look any good).
But the organizers and the crowd were super nice and I got a really good vibe of what is like to have people looking at your work, reacting to it and even wanting to talk about it.

Also the show happened at a very good time since I've been thinking about my future in this field for quite a while now. Do I want to move in a different direction? Where does all my editorial stuff fit in? Am I still an illustrator? Is that what I want to be?
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