Leo Espinosa
This is the only piece I've ever gotten into CA. and it was submitted by the magazine and not by me.
It's not new but it marked a crucial point in my development as an illustrator when I was stuck with cartoony figures. It was for a fiction story for Playboy in which a man becomes obsessed with the voice of a telephone sells person, that ends up being a computer. Her name was Lucy and mostly all the secret calls, take place in a dark motel room while the man, an investment banker, drinks Wild Turkey (in a very wild way). He was blinded with his own hands and his world was being absorbed by a totally synthetic illusion. That's why the cold colors and the unfriendliness around. Even the bed was meant to look cold. Quite cheerful, right?

Doing this gig was the product of an illustration conference with Marshall Arisman, Gary Kelley and the art director and editor of the magazine. They liked my version and said to me that they would publish the story with my illustration if it was okay with me. I told them, of course! but I haven't mentioned it to my grandma.

I never thought about working for Playboy, yet that illustration became very relevant to me. That makes me think that the path I want to follow is less and less a path at all.
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