Leo Espinosa
A New Chapter
Detail from the spread. As soon as the magazine comes out I'll post the whole image.

No more rep, no more editorial, no more fast turnarounds.
I spent this past weekend finishing a huge and complex spread illustration for one of my favorite art directors from a darn cool magazine. I wanted to use a piece of that caliber to mark the end of a very important chapter in my career.
For the past ten years or so, editorial illustration has been the backbone of my business, but things are changing rather rapidly since I decided to venture into the licensing world and exploring into character design, entertainment and animation.
SushiPack, Copyright© American Greetings Properties

My wife Laura and I launched Studio Espinosa almost three yeas ago with the hope of selling some of the ideas we've been storing in our brains for years (children's books, furniture for kids, watch designs, you name it), but we never thought the response was going to be so strong, and now our baby has grown and needs a lot of time and attention. We have our first book coming out in Spring 08 and an animated TV show called Sushi Pack just started production and it's supposed to air in September of this year. The list continues but I can't mention anything yet.

I tried to juggle both, the work coming through my rep (which was mainly editorial) and the new Studio Espinosa projects but that task became physically impossible to perform and I had to make a decision before killing myself.
So, here I am, on my own again, "repless", not really certain of what the future holds for us but very excited to be trying something new and seen that illustration still can be used successfully in many different channels. Of course editorial is not totally out of the picture but I would only be able to take on very special assignments; That goes for you Edel -and for Madame Mouly- although I seriously doubt she would call :-)
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