Leo Espinosa
Comics for kids

Former editor for Dark Horse Comics, Phil Amara came over for brunch this weekend and we talked about the beauty of comics and how important it is to put good work out there for the kids. My son Ben was hooked to Captain Underpants (a very inexpensive an funny as hell paperback comic book) and that opened his appetite for chapter books. Of course Captain Underpants is still a favorite and now we are reading the spanish version, ¡Capitán Canzoncillos!
Doesn't it sound like a good Drawger Project? Sloan, Allen, King, Hitz, Smith, Staake, Taxali, Wax, I mean everybody, all in one great comic book?

In the picture: Ben reading the Scatterbrain anthology, published by Dark Horse. Check it out, That's Zimm's work in there!
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