Leo Espinosa
Scooter Mama
GitanaPop, circa 1997 © Studio Espinosa

A creative director from San Diego contacted me last week about getting a print for his office from an illustration I did a long time ago. I was flattered to hear somebody describing the piece almost perfectly and decided to pull it out and update it a bit before sending it to him. Gitana Pop was inspired by a picture I saw of my mom in the 60s wearing a really cool scarf on her head. She never had a scooter but I first heard the words Vespa and Lambretta from her mouth. I remember her stopping in the street and pointing out at Vespas, telling me how much she liked them. On my mom's last visit, I took her around Boston on the scooter and we had a blast. She giggled the whole time like a little kid.
GitanaPop, version 2007 © Studio Espinosa
You see the Gitanes reference, don't you? Well, back in the day my mom also smoked a lot but she quit more than 20 years ago. She looked way cool, though.
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