Leo Espinosa
I survived Colombia
Photo by Sicoactiva

Hi kids, I'm back but only physically (and not even). The night I came back home I sank into coloring mood to be able to finish my book Otis and Rae and the Grumbling Splunk which I just delivered to the publisher; It was about eight days with only sporadic siestas here and there. Totally insane. I lost about ten pounds just by staying glued to the computer.
The trip to the old country was that: A total trip. I gave a lecture at my university and three of my favorite teachers were sitting among the students (I almost choked), gave another little talk at a design gallery and an interview for TV, about comics and illustration. I know, total rock star, heh, heh.
I also did this great collaboration on glass with the amazing Laura Osorno and Felipe Rubio at one of the coolest bars in Bogotá.
I had some time to do my favorite thing, which is looking through old stuff at my mother's house. This time she allowed me to keep a couple of my dad's architecture books and some of my drawings. I wanted his chess set but I guess that was too much to ask for.
C'est tout 4 now.
Missed my Drawger.
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