Leo Espinosa
Family Jewels

These are some of the cool things I found at my mom's place during my last visit to Colombia:
A copy of the Digital Show 1996 catalog from the Society of Illustrators. Perhaps the one and only time the Society has done something solely for digital art (did I get that fact right?) and the first time I showed my work there. I think the only time, hmmm... whatever.
Nancy Stahl, Lou Brooks and the one and only John Hersey were among the jurors. There was art by Bamundo, Flaherty, Bartalos, Pamela Hobbs and a bunch of other great ones.

A book from my grandpa who then I guess belonged to my dad, about modern architecture. The illustrations in the book are killer.

A drawing of mine from when I was eleven. BMX was the thing and I had my entire room covered with drawings of all the jumps and tricks I couldn't do. I was good but, you know, my bike was too heavy (yeah, right).
More to come.
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