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Deck's done
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Here's my deck for the 555 Gallery show (many thanks to Don Kilpatrick for the invitation). I'll post the process as soon as I'm done grilling some eggplant.
Happy friday, everyone!

Okay. here's some pics of my not so innovative process. The only thing that was different for me was to take the Dunlavey approach and look at some of my sketches before starting doodling on the board with opaque pigment markers.

The red book is a limited edition of Radiohead's Amnesiac. I listened to that album over and over while painting the board (mixed some Spoon and Interpol but they didn't feel right).

Even before choosing the right colors I painted some areas to get an idea of the composition and how much detail I was going to add at the end.

Once I had picked my five colors I started to fill in the big areas.

After that part was done, I was ready for fine lines and little details here and there. NOT my favorite thing to do, I get very tense doing those fine lines with a brush.

Close up shot. As Laura O pointed out, I wanted to leave some open spaces to let the wood grain show through.
And here's another view from a different angle. Voilà!
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