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A few years ago while having lunch at my local sushi restaurant in Harvard Square, I was struck by a wasabi bolt and started doodling characters based on sushi names from the menu. It seemed kind of strange to me that nobody had done a series of raw fish characters and I was pretty sure that after googling a couple of names I would discover no one but many (To my surprise there was none, at least in the US). So I kept exploring and doing more drawings about this concept and by the time we were preparing material for our first Licensing Show I had a preliminary version of Sushi Pack: A group of five brave, very bizarre, very smart and very active characters who just happen to be five pieces of sushi that came to life through a series of extraordinary events.

At the Licensing Show the idea was picked up by Jeffrey Conrad (senior VP of American Greetings' creative studio) and the Pack started to be developed as an animated series with an insane group of geniuses including AG's creative studio, DIC entertainment and toon veteran writers, Tom Ruegger and Nicholas Hollander (Pinky and The Brain, Tiny Toon Adventures and Animaniacs).

So here's the big news: A week from today, Saturday November 3rd at 9 AM, Sushi Pack will air on national TV as part of the KEWlopolis block on CBS.

Please somebody pinch me, because I still cannot believe this is happening. We have watches all of the first episodes with our kids and seeing their faces, hearing them laughing and thinking that pretty soon hundreds of children will be watching them too, gets me all chocked up.

A big gracias to you and your team, Jeffrey, for believing in these bite-sized morsels of justice and getting them ready to serve. This dream would've never happened without you, amigo.

Go, Sushi Pack!
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