Leo Espinosa
The Element of Surprise

Constantly, I like to look at street art as an example, not because of its own content necessarily but because I admire what their creators do to catch your eye in the middle of environments sometimes as overwhelming as Time Square. These two examples are my latest favorites: The one on top, a picture from Amsterdam that plays with your imagination in a very powerful way and the second a shot from the Trevi fountain in Rome, taken when a "vandal" turned the color of its water blood red in front of hundreds of tourists a few weeks ago; After the outrage Romans declared that the fountain had become invisible to their eyes and that this act made them admire it again.

I think that element of surprise is something that has been forgotten in our world of illustration; A world that lately has turned more vibrant but still remains rather passive and sometimes too predictable (Hanoch, this doesn't apply to you). Can we think out of the box -or the magazine- and try to create or recreate new things based on illustration? What can be a good challenge and better yet, are we looking for one?
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