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Okay, a little bit of time to catch up with Drawgerland. Since I cannot post the entire images yet, here are some bits and pieces of one of the latest (and nicest) projects I've done this year. As you might imagine it involves total freedom and a really respectful and totally cool client to work with. The challenge for me with this series was figuring out how to execute the final pieces since lately I've been very pleased leaving my pencil lines as part of the art. I really didn't want to do it all digital but the more I played around the more I realized that I could have great control (more like super picky anal control) if I was to work them out in Illustrator (which is my weapon of choice when it comes to the computer). I even did all the effects without jumping into Photoshop in case I want to blow them up Dumbo size taking advantage of a vector program. Some of the details will be printed rather small (like the dandelions) but I had fun constructing them in a very mathematical pattern sort of way. I also realized that total freedom is something hard to get used to and that if you are very tough on yourself, things can get pretty nuts to the point of never wanting to go to bed or developing dual personalities (wait, who said that?).
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