Leo Espinosa
My Pantani Mid Winter Ride
A doodle from 1998 when Il Pirata won Le Tour de France
Today's temperature: Brrrr!!!!!

Marco Pantani and I were born the same day, January 13th 1970. Sadly Pantani died four years ago of a cocaine overdose; I'm still pedaling. Since I don't feel I can blame our fragile human condition for its addictions I still consider him an inspiration and decided to do a ride in his honor every year on this date. Today's ride started at 5:30 am and for more than half of the time it was pitch black and insanely cold. The water in my water bottle froze along with my toes and my forehead but my heart remained warm for the entire trip. happy Birthday Marco.

PS: And happy birthday to my illustrator friend Laura Osorno, My brother-in-law (also Leo), my buddy Karl and Annette in Barcelona.
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