Leo Espinosa
The Splunk is officially out!

Last saturday we released the beastly Splunk into the wild... kids that couldn't wait any longer for him!
We did a little talk and then signed copies of Otis and Rae and the Grumbling Splunk at the Children's Picture Book Festival in Belmont.
Among the group of speakers was our friend James Kaczman who presented his latest Lucky Monkey Unlucky Monkey (a gorgeous book indeed!).

Thanks to the cool kids at Sandboxworld for the post about our first book and to Melissa Steward for doing such a great job with the festival. Get more kids into books, yeahhh!!!! Comics 4 kids, double yeahhhh!!!! Break away from TV, triple yeah, yeah, yeah!!!!

PS: Sorry for being MIA for so long, Drawgeroids, but I needed some serious time away from the computer.
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