Leo Espinosa
La Petite Morte
© 2008 Studio Espinosa
My dear amigo Dunlavey just got my brain going thinking about an animation... I'm on the storyboard but here are the main characters I did this morning, El Señor Amor & Doña Muerte (or is it El Señor Muerte y La Señora Amor?)
© 2008 Studio Espinosa
From Rob Dunlavey:
Thanks Leo. I'm happy to take a small measure of credit for your creative endeavors.
Now, these characters and their situation: I like that Death and Love appear to be fairly equal in status and strength --as people. Death looks like a hard working stiff who can only rise so far up the ladder. He gets pulled down by his need for Love and the requirements of his vocation. He is fatalistic and his ambition only rises so far. Love, on the other hand, is dreamy and light on her feet but is also inevitably realistic and earth-bound. So maybe in your treatment they have one fantastic go-round to try to escape the clutches of fate and class. Maybe they transcend this story --which is an old old story. Good luck.

What's that GREAT Gilbert and/or Jaime Hernandez graphic novel? "Love & Rockets: Life of Luba" where Luba goes to the city alone and takes up with a man but she has a secret thing going on with Satan. It's a page-turner.
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