Leo Espinosa
5 de Mayo
Last night, at the New England Gallery of Latin American Art (NEGLAA) was the opening of Chingasos, a multi media art event about legendary Mexican pugilist El Chango Verde (El C.V.) created by my good friend Raul Gonzalez and members of Los Cinco Milagros. I love going to East Boston, it's a mini Latin America over there, but yesterday at the gallery, with the music, the people in Mexican costumes, and the colorful images, I felt like I had really crossed the border. Awesome show Raul! Felicitaciones!!
El Chango Verde, one of my favorite paintings.
I took the interns with me; They got a little crazy with the tequila those kids.
El artista Raul Gonzalez (left) and his amigos
That cactus almost glows in the dark, is so bright!
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