Leo Espinosa
What a trip!
Last week I went to the Society of Illustrators to help Scott Bakal judging the first round for the Zankel Scholarship. I decided to give my son Ben a different kind of education for two days and instead of taking him to school we bolted ourselves down to the Big Apple for a one of a kind experience. Although he was a tad shy at the Society, he confessed later that he loved it. Me, I was in heaven during the whole trip.
Taking the Bolt Bus at 6:00 AM, yawn...
We played a game... I would say a word and he would take a picture.
This is what he found for "simmetry"
Bakal, Buzelli and Espinosa hydrating after a hard day at work
Hey, look up my nose! Ben and I at Kid Robot
On 14th street Ben spotted a piece by one of my favs, Tom Otterness. Usually his pieces are scattered around so we looked for more of his little guys running up and down the subway station...
we found one more...
and one more...
and another...
they were everywhere!
The second day we hit the Whitney Biennial and had lunch with Edel Rodriguez.
Can't wait to do it again!
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