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I'm waaay too far from New York and ICON5 right now and it makes me a little sad to miss all the good friends I won't be able to see (and dance with) but the alternative is not bad at all: I'm down in Colombia doing an Illustration/Music project for kids that I'm itching to show you... but.... grrrr... I cannot yet.
I forgot how nice life is here. People work really hard but there's always time for friends and family. Moving around the city of Bogotá is kind of a challenge too and kind of an adventure in a way because so many areas and rules have changed since I left that I feel like re-discovering the place I grew up in.
Pictured above, Flash, The keynote speaker of My Own Private ICON. Who knew the guy was so knowledgeable in illustration
This is the Bookstore, which is conveniently placed at the bar. I found a copy of El Malpensante magazine with the cover I did. I snatched it right away.
The shops and boutiques around the area where the conference is taking place have everything:
From plush dolls to your favorite cigarettes and bubble gum.
Hands on during the road show... ¡Otra cerveza por favor!
One of the lectures with master designer Lucho Correa.
And the accommodations: Pencil fiesta, day and night.
¡Adiós chiquitines!
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