Leo Espinosa
The one and only, Tour de France

Every year my kids get a kick out of watching me in front of the TV screaming like a madman to a group of masochist madmen in spandex who for not logical reason decide to battle against the most challenging test a sport can provide: It's called Tour de France. Sure, people can say whatever they want against professional bicycling because sadly, a bunch of cheaters have managed to stain the sport I passionately love, but no matter what, I could never stop the feeling I get watching those insane athletes going up and down the Alps or the Pyrenees or through the cobble stones of Paris.

Last night I pulled out Inside the Postal Bus, a book written by Michael Barry, one of the nicest guys in bicycling that I had the honor to illustrate the cover for a couple of years ago, and flipping through its pages I got the same chills I used to get when in the early 80s tons of kids in the patios of my school crowded around transistor radios listening to the Tour and cheering for our little colombian riders competing against the very professional and sleek europeans. Ah, those where the days!

Here's a detail of the cover with Armstong on the foreground, George Hincapie getting help from a mechanic and Barry descending from the Postal bus.

We also cheer for the Basque here at home because of family and friends

Benjamin in full Euskadi gear a couple of Tours ago. Aupa Euskaltel!

This was a very special present I recently got from Robert Hunt who was at the Tour in 1994 doing an illustration assignment. Lucky guy!

Tomorrow's stage from Cuneo (in Italy) to Jausiers promises to be a very intense one and I need to squeeze a few miles on the bike before starting with my aerobic routine in front of the tube so it's time to go to bed mes amis. Bonne nuit!
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