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Hola kids! I'm having my first solo show in September here in Boston and I really hope many of you can make it, if not to the opening on September 12th, at least to the exhibit, which will be up until November 30th. I've received confirmation that the great Hanoch Piven will be coming from Barcelona and I'm thrilled!
I'm also very happy that  The New England Gallery of Latin Arts is located in the heart of East Boston (the barrio latino of Beantown) because that creates perfect synergy with the content and meaning of the show.
I hope to see you there.

About LIMBO:

Through a variety of mediums, including prints, paintings and sculpture, I am considering the concept of Limbo as a state of mind affected by social and geographical events.  These works focus on change and all that it encompasses: new directions, waiting, feelings of being uprooted and in limbo between two worlds, the passage of time, and a sequence of coincidences that I experienced and am still experiencing.  As an immigrant from Latin America who has lived in a different society and culture for many years now, I have come to accept this state of mind as a new country; one without a physical form but a psychological, more complex one; one that provides identity.  Limbo is a place that is not really a place; it is an intermediate idea that is at once temporary and permanent, a transitional and imaginary moment.

Leo Espinosa
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