Leo Espinosa
Pencils from Limbo
Dos damas capitalinas / Two ladies from the Capital (sold)
 It has taken me a few days to post about the opening of Limbo (my first solo show) because besides some serious sleep I needed to catch up with, I had to devote some time to reflect and process the whole experience. One of the most satisfying things I created for the show was a series of color pencils that were placed in a very small room adjacent to the main gallery. Since they had a different feel and texture from the rest of the pieces, I was very curious to hear people's feedback and what I heard was quite inspiring, thoughtful and supportive. Here's the whole series of drawings and a new gallery with some pics of the Making of, The Opening and The Afterparty of Limbo.
Las cosas que me traen de vuelta / The things that bring me back (sold)
A veces / Sometimes
Imposible de cambiar / Impossible to change (sold)
Subsueño / Subdream (sold)
Distancia / Distance
El Super
Unas cuantas palabras / A few words
Meu leãozinho / My litte lion
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