Leo Espinosa
Post Licensing Trauma
This week is supposed to be relaxing and somehow rejuvenating (meaning with tons of sleep) but this year the ball is still rolling after The Licensing Show. Holly Cow, I don't want to look at the calendar again because there's just too much to finish by the end of the summer. Things are starting to take shape after a couple of years of doing the show, and gotta tell you it feels good to be over the initial hump of braking into a new arena.

Here's a picture of Laura in our booth, which by the way collapsed during the night prior to the show and I almost got a heart attack when I saw it in the morning. We had about 15 minutes to fix it, but we made it before doors opened (Phew!)

American Greetings, who is doing a tremendous job with one of most beloved babies (SushiPack) had these beautiful models at their space. They completely cheered me up in a sec after out booth incident. Cheers to AG for being xtra nice with us!

...and with my sushi platter!

As you can see, the Pack was everywhere, I mean EVERYWHERE!

I'm glad fellow Grawger(ers?) RAG, Noah and Dave, stopped by, although we only had a few minutes to hang out. New York is just SO kwel! Even Blu and Mac showed up.

These last pics are of our friendly Brooklyn host, DJ Camila.
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