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Here's my intern Ben, holding our copy of Gus & His Gang. The whole book is mostly safe but in some parts we had to get into the birds and the bees conversation... oh well, at least it was through a comic book... phew!
Here's a still from Thomas Dutronc's, "Comme un manouche sans guitare" video. Very clever and funny!
This is a page from one of his early books called La Révolte D'Hop-Frog, which sadly has not been translated.
I'm pretty sure I've posted something about Christophe Blain in the past because he is one of my favorite comic book artists (okay call it graphic novel if you want but they will always be comics to me).
His latest work translated into English is a gem called GUS & HIS GANG, and I highly recommend it. GUS number 3 has already made it into the offical sellection at the prestigious Angoulême Festival.
Other books by Blain that have been published in English are The Speed Abater and the master piece Isaac The Pirate.
To finish this mini-homage to this great artist, Today, I found this great video illustrated and/or animated by him (Thank you
Tomorrow, we'll toast to comics at the opening of the Sequential Show at the Society of Illustrators. Hope to see many of you there.
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