Leo Espinosa
killing Mister Pixel UPDATED!

This is the beginning of "The Poet", a piece I'm working on with the whole idea of going back to basics and embracing limitations: no computer involved and a two color pallet to start with, but also with the biggest limitation of all, using a new technique while learning printmaking. It is a very interesting collaboration we are doing with some local artists and illustrators, including Rob Dunlavey, Richard Goldberg, Suzy Pilgrim Waters, Alan Witschonke, Raul Gonzalez, Annie Silverman and Julia Talcot, who is kindly playing the role of teacher and host at her studio.
For a lot of artist this is piece of cake, but for a person who has become so dependent on the computer, it feels very strange and a little intimidating to think about working without pixels, magic blurs and commandZ; At the same time dusting off my brushes, inking drawings and carving on wood while listening to Tom Waits singing Chocolate Jesus feels really, really good :4)
I'll be posting new images of the process and hopefully you'll see the group's final result in a couple of months.
Peace Out, kids.
I just added a new pic of something that was generated from this morning's exchange of ideas with Zina. I think I just ran into a happy accident and I was able to duplicate the lapel/mountain/balloon effect inside his beard. He became kind of transluscent... Agggghhhh, I'm itching to ink the plates!!!!
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