Leo Espinosa
California Dreaming

Finally, a little bit of time to post some pics from out trip to LA and San Diego and give a big welcome to all the new Drawger-ers!
It was my first visit to Southern California and I really, really liked it. Yes, the traffic is intense but people are super nice and the weather... ah, the weather!
I just need to keep dreaming we can afford a nice Eichler House, somewhere not too far from the beach and that's it.
Comicon was pretty cool, too. I guess I was supposed to visit all the small press booths and buy a ton of books but since we went with the kids, we let them enjoy the show their own way. Heck, after all, comics were created for them, right?

On our way down to San Diego from Los Angeles, we visited our friends at Paul Frank and also got to meet again with the cool kids from Yo Gabba Gabba.
Here is Ben and Sofia tagging next to Julius at Paul Frank Industries in Costa Mesa.

I spotted this bench around San Diego. Taking it easy is a must in California!

How cool is this? a Blu tattoo done at the Cartoon Network booth (I mean, parlor)

Testing the capes indoors before a serious mission.

Wedgehead, Ben, Ox and Sofia. Man, those kids didn't sleep that night.

I will post some other pics from the comic convention in Angoulême, France, where they decorate beautiful Citroëns in the same way.

Our friends Derek and Jason fron UNKL, checking out Ben's comics. He showed them everywhere because he wants to get published. I got a kick out of people's reactions.

Some beautiful Biskup stuff

Kids, eat your veggies or they will come and get ya!

Back at the hotel, Sofia chilled out playing with her new favorite toy, designed by fellow Drawger master Bob Staake.

And here is Ben enjoying the goods he worked hard to get. He actually begged for this copy of Sardine because it's not supposed to be out until September or something like that. Hey, who can wait for Joann Sfar's great work?!
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