Leo Espinosa
MoCCA Art Festival 2009
I went down this weekend to New York to attend the MoCCA festival and the only thing I can say is that despite the uncomfortable back to back bus rides and the crazy heat at the Armory (which I perfectly remember from a sticky summer Soundgarden concert ages ago), the event was totally worth it!
The place was packed with beautiful books from small publishers and some self-published beauties from around the world... faaaar from the classic superhero stuff. As it always happens when it comes to books, my wallet and I where in disagreement, but I managed to score a few unique comics from the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain. Pictured above is Kaisa from Findland, who kindly signed for me a copy of her book, Audarya Lila.

Audarya Lila by Kaisa & Christoffer Leka, is actually three books bound in an old Japanese style wrapped in a hard cover that makes you just stare at it for hours.

Can you tell the love that went into the making of this book?

Don't you get fooled by the simple drawings, the story is quite deep and moving.

Who cares about the typo, this book won first prize in my heart!

Another detail of the binding and I better stop before I start photographing every single page.
I'll be back next year MoCCA!

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