Leo Espinosa
The Batcave

My studio is in the basement, kids. It's not a dark, humid basement full of cobwebs but it has its share of hairy beasts, dust and piles of books. Pictured above, the thinking chair, a poster I did for my friend Mauricio Pardo's first flick and snoozing down bellow, Elliot, the security guard.

The drafting table decorated "a la Edel" with a bunch of sketches, models and all sorts of things

I tried not to put much stuff on the walls, mostly above the computer area.
It helps the spirit (and the retina)

Usually you can't even tell there's a desk underneath. Papers like to pile up here for weeks.
I'm customizing that skateboard deck and the wooden figure for a couple of group shows.

Concepts, more sketches and the scooter keys.

Oh, I love you books!

Left: a Taxali poster ready to be mailed to Mr Kroninger. I placed the new SI call for entries above to let it grow on me. So far I like the effect the paper creases do right in the center.
Right: Toys and old school CD's. The OLD old school turntable and records are in a different room.

A present from Javier Mariscal, a sculpture I did, a mushroom by my daughter Sofía and Nara's puppy sit on one of the window sills.

I bought this hanger in Spain. I like to look at it so I rarely use it. My jacket is usually on the floor.

More of the desk and a wire I have to hang things I like.

On the wire: Sofía, Ben, Ben, Sofía, Reinhart.

Here' where I paint which hasn't happened in months. I find it hard to let go of paintings.
This one I just didn't have the heart to sell.

Books and more books. Mostly comics.

Left: The gym. Right: the short commute back home.

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