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Raul Gonzalez

From time to time I get together with my good friend Raul Gonzalez at the local coffee shop to sketch out, share ideas, comics, art and of course a good laugh. Today I missed our doodle-rendezvous (I was stuck here with a couple of deadlines) but I wanted to post some of the drawings he showed me the last time we met. He's been working on a great series and this pics don't make justice to how fantastic the originals are. Raul (aka Cerebot) just started a new blog and soon will have a solo show at Carroll and Sons Gallery in Boston. Stay tuned and enjoy his work!

The texture and the flat colors play really nicely in all his pieces.

Sorry for the blury image. Blame my third espresso.

Raul Gonzalez also shares his name and a darn good aim with the great player from Real Madrid.

This last one is called "Dances With Wolves (aka Kevin)". Don't ask me why :)

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