Leo Espinosa
Mariscal, Take One: The Show
I'm quite bummed my wallet didn't agree with my trip to Europe this fall. One of the main reasons for it was to make it to Javier Mariscal's Retrospective at the Design Museum in London. Mariscal has been my biggest inspiration because of all the places and media he has explored with his work while remaining unique and creatively fresh.

Thanks to fellow Draweroid, Linzie Hunter for allowing me to use her pics and for giving us all a taste of this fantastic show.

If you are in London, do not miss it! You have until the end of November. And while at it, please snap some more pics to heal my sadness :_)

Colorful black and white
Better than drawing type: Sculpting type!
I love Los Garriris!
Los Garriris phat ride
Now I get it!
More yummy type
Did I hear personality?
I want to walk through that space so badly!
Julian, is that you?
To the great Xavi, Salud! Cheers!

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