Leo Espinosa
Flats and Falls

Flats are the Debbie Downer of biking but I loved the spin Bicycling magazine gave them in its last issue: The more you know how to solve them (or avoid them), the faster you'll be riding again.
This is the opener illustration I created for the article. It talked about fixing flats with such speed and elegance, you could make it look like a tango or a flamenco. Olé!

My sketch and the final line art I later color with Photoshop.
This part is never a linear process and I always improvised as I go.

This one was a small spot but I spent quite some time on it. Ah, the pleasure of drawing bikes!

A half page about telling epic stories about epic flats of course.
Pictures of the actual events where inserted later in the deflating balloons.

I like how this spots work in the layout.

The other Debbie Downer of my beloved sport are falls. My latest one happened last friday just BEFORE my afternoon ride. I tumbled down the stairs, messed up my back, all the muscles of my left shoulder and opened my elbow in T shape (Helvetica extra bold). Blood everywhere.
I guess I'll have to switch to running for a while.

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