Leo Espinosa
La Guaka
La Guaka is the second project I've worked on this year, initiated by young artists and designers from Colombia who are committed to help out poor children through art. Many fantastic illustrators and friends, including fellow Drawgeroid Catalina Estrada, Dr. Alderete, Tatiana Arocha, Marcela Restrepo, Laura Osorno and Jim Plukart, as well as designers and photographers have donated their work to this great project. I'm honored to be a part of it, mostly knowing that my work could make a difference for the little ones of my beloved country.

One of the pieces I donated, titled The Poet, evolved from the sketches I had for another project that sadly I wasn't able to finish.
La Guaka was created by Juan Marín and works in collaboration with the Museum of Modern Art of Medellín to collect funds and do art programs with children from poor areas of the city.

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