Leo Espinosa
The Horse
Ah, the joy of drawing horses! (And angry mobs in this case).
I recently finished this piece for the one and only, SooJin Buzelli, and as I rendered the horse (twice, actually), I remembered how much I loved to draw them and decided to do this little post.

As a kid I was bananas about them and spent hours trying to figure out their anatomy and movement. Zorro and The Lone Ranger were my favorite things to draw but I also spent weekends horseback riding at my cousins farm. These are some Zorro doodles I did last year thinking about a graphic novel idea.
Also last year I did a series of sketches based on painted war indian horses. In a way, The goal was to make almost transparent animals and being able to see the kindness and strength of their spirits.

A helpful horse bringing bread to the panadería I did a looooong time ago in kindergarden :)

This is a forever unfinished sketch I did a few years back based on a picture I found in The New York Times takend during a bloody mess in Israel. The photograph was unbelievable in many levels but I wanted to concentrate on the horse, always being dragged into human conflict, used pretty much as a weapon and against its true nature.
Here, my first attempt with pencils and charcoal for SooJin's assignment and last but not least, one of my favorites, the illustration of Zorro I did for Thomas Fuchs' birthday book.
There you have it folks, my humble tribute to the horse.
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