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A man sets out to draw the world.
Last week we were at a party and my eight year old daughter, Sofía, had a very interesting talk with Eric Scott Nelson about people with disabilities and what she had learned in school. Scott was blindfolded with a friendly panda bear mask (which made him intriguing and approachable at the same time) and was holding a walking stick. however, Scott wasn't blind. He had been traveling around Europe, Asia and other US cities doing his very personal art form and decided to come to Boston for the first time with his eyes covered. He had been here for 10 days prior to the opening of his show never removing his mask and experiencing the city in a very unique way.
The opening was last friday at MEME gallery and my wife and I attended. It wasn't a regular opening by any means. It was a quiet walk through some sleepy areas of Cambridge following Eric as we traced the word SEE on our path. People took turns holding his arm and he asked each of us to describe what we would imagine was happening around us. When I had my turn I told him that the houses had faces and were very amused to see a group of humans walking pleasantly in such a cold night... also that there was no electricity and that we were walking guided only by the moonlight... I caught a little smile under the mask.
The map we had indicated that the word SEE had been completed and by then we were standing in front of the Lucky Corner deli. Scott took the time to thank us and then removed his mask and slowly washed his face. What came after was a festival of joy; He came really close to every single face saying "you people are so beautiful!" over and over again. His face was glowing of happiness and there was a sense of discovery among the group.
This unexpected event (for as simple as it might sound) was very meaningful to me and helped me reflect all weekend long about the things I take for granted, about my own handicaps, but also about my strengths and my love and respect for the human spirit.

This post goes out to Eric, thanking him for such a wonderful experience and to Zimm in the 4th anniversary of Drawger.
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