Leo Espinosa
May 2007

The Coca-Cola/Espinosa products are out at the Coke stores and I'll be down in Atlanta on Thursday signing stuff at their headquarters (Any Drawgers in Georgia?).
Harmony was a character Laura and I created for them based on the 70's jingle. Coke gave us total freedom and I even chopped their logo in little parts to create the head piece.
Fun, fun project.
© The Coca-Cola Company 2007
American Illustration
© Studio Espinosa 2007

This is the firts time my work has been chosen to be in American Illustration (the book, not the site) and I still can't believe it. Hmm, now that I think about it, I guess I only submitted stuff once before.
I will have two pieces from The Dragon Tamer series and this one too, which I'm quite surprised about since working with 3D objects in a kind of "professional" way is new for me.
That's it. Just wanted to share the good news.
Family Jewels

These are some of the cool things I found at my mom's place during my last visit to Colombia:
A copy of the Digital Show 1996 catalog from the Society of Illustrators. Perhaps the one and only time the Society has done something solely for digital art (did I get that fact right?) and the first time I showed my work there. I think the only time, hmmm... whatever.
Nancy Stahl, Lou Brooks and the one and only John Hersey were among the jurors. There was art by Bamundo, Flaherty, Bartalos, Pamela Hobbs and a bunch of other great ones.

A book from my grandpa who then I guess belonged to my dad, about modern architecture. The illustrations in the book are killer.

A drawing of mine from when I was eleven. BMX was the thing and I had my entire room covered with drawings of all the jumps and tricks I couldn't do. I was good but, you know, my bike was too heavy (yeah, right).
More to come.
Dunlavey Ripple Effect
Chasing out the Demons
© Studio Espinosa 2007

A doodle I had in my head during my ride today. For the past few weeks I've been dealing with the death of a friend while working like a dog on the children's book. This morning, on my bicycle, I was able to erase the pain. It's gone for good. Life continues.
I survived Colombia
Photo by Sicoactiva

Hi kids, I'm back but only physically (and not even). The night I came back home I sank into coloring mood to be able to finish my book Otis and Rae and the Grumbling Splunk which I just delivered to the publisher; It was about eight days with only sporadic siestas here and there. Totally insane. I lost about ten pounds just by staying glued to the computer.
The trip to the old country was that: A total trip. I gave a lecture at my university and three of my favorite teachers were sitting among the students (I almost choked), gave another little talk at a design gallery and an interview for TV, about comics and illustration. I know, total rock star, heh, heh.
I also did this great collaboration on glass with the amazing Laura Osorno and Felipe Rubio at one of the coolest bars in Bogotá.
I had some time to do my favorite thing, which is looking through old stuff at my mother's house. This time she allowed me to keep a couple of my dad's architecture books and some of my drawings. I wanted his chess set but I guess that was too much to ask for.
C'est tout 4 now.
Missed my Drawger.
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