Leo Espinosa
July 2009

Just Sing!

For the children, from the children
Title: The fat guy is bugging us with all that jumping
Title: The book
Title: Pirate girl.
Title: A very stressful rutine
Title: Why?
These are five stories written by kids from a really poor area of Bogotá, Colombia, I was asked to illustrate for a book that would collect funds for Bella Flor, an organization that runs art programs to keep children off the streets (and serious danger). The stories are different, sometimes sarcastic, very clever and quite connected to these kids' reality. The last one is perhaps my favorite: it was only a single line that said "Why countries, if I don't have a Visa?"

Besides feeling really good about helping the children, these pieces have brought immense satisfaction and make me feel like I've grown as an illustrator while creating them.

Many thanks to fellow illustrator Francisco Villa and Diego Contreras for inviting me to participate.

CA Design Annual
Pombo Musical, one of the most rewarding projects of my career and one that I hold really close to my heart, has been selected to be in the Design Annual of Communication Arts and I cannot be happier!
It was a treat getting to illustrate the most cherished fables of my childhood and working together with Lucho Correa, a good friend and one of the best designers I've known.
Pombo Musical is also featured in Illustrators 51.

Read more about the project here.
Vector Victoria
I've been working with a few different techniques lately, letting the nature of the project determine the way I solve it. A lot of pencil drawn work seems to be the way to go with editorial projects, but the more design oriented usually call for vectorial solutions.
Pictured above are a bunch of sushi loving monsters created for WOK (my favorite Asian fusion restaurant back home in Bogotá). Originally thought out as very sketchy, textury looking creatures, I realized after the first round of pencils that they would look more dramatic and bold if done in Illustrator and fit better with the clean design of the restaurant.

Monster madness inside a take out box. Weeeeeee!

The Beautiful Word

there's no words to describe Scrabble's "The Beautiful Word" Ad Campaign. No, wait! I got it:

dance me to the end of love
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