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NYC Marathon results, 2009 November 3 UPDATE: This year's New York City Marathon was great.  As I wrote last week, they're all different... San Francisco March 13 To end my month of travels and talking, on the invitation of Robert Hunt, I went to San Francisco.  CCA invited... Talking and talking and talking... March 8 This is my season of giving. I go long stretches without doing any presentations or talks about my work and... Keen's Steakhouse Illustration Night March 6 A few weeks ago in a conversation about our favorite restaurants and memorable eating establishments, I asked Marc... DWI-Do It With Illustration March 2 DO IT WITH ILLUSTRATION: Under the Influence with Today's Most Arresting Illustrators Come and meet six of the... Austin Texas February 20 This past week my family and I visited the Burckhardt's in Austin Texas. They had been kind enough to ask us several... Gifts November 26  One of the nice things about being on Drawger is getting to receive gifts from fellow Drawgers.  One... Before the moment passes... November 7 In a rare royal flush, 3 Drawgers illustrated the covers of 3 major magazines in the same week. Brian Stauffer on the... The UNITED STATES of AMERICA November 5 For a few weeks now, most people I know have watched the polls and heard the pundits predict an Obama victory.... Marathon 2008 November 3 What a race.  What a summer of training. After my disaster race of 2007 I had to find out why I passed out at... Endless Summer September 2 I have spent another wonderful summer in the Endless Mountains and at the Atlantic coast.  I am sure all of you... Martha's Vineyard 2008 June 24 For the 14th year in a row, Elizabeth and I  started our summer by going to Martha's Vineyard.  The location... Leyendecker again June 10 While there is still time, I want to urge those who can, to visit the Society of Illustrators to see the J. C.... Robert F. Kennedy June 6 I am fascinated with the Kennedy family. Perhaps it's because I was born into the void of JFK's assassination and then... Luka June 3 Well, this is clearly a day to announce our choices. Like my friend Anita, I would like to reveal our new dog,... J.C.Leyendecker May 22 Last night I went to the opening of one of the best exhibitions the Society of Illustrators ever mounted. The work of... Back from Spring! February 22 I’ve just returned from a trip to the spring. Right now the spring seems to be in central Florida. I went for a week... Boxing January 24 As some of my friends know, I love boxing. I trained as a boxer for many years and in High School boxed as an amateur.... George Mitchell December 14 Several years ago a series of events made it possible for me to meet and have dinner with former Senator George... December 8th December 7 powered by ODEO Music reaches the memory in a powerful way for me. When I was about 14 or 15 I was forging ahead in... My 2007 NYC Marathon Run October 31 The New York City Marathon is Sunday. I ran hundreds miles preparing for the race and saw so many cool parts of New... The Fall October 13 Well, I had an adventure this week. I was getting ready to do my run for the day; Tuesday had to be 8 miles. This is... Nut September 18 Back in the Studio September 4 All summer I drove 4 hours west of Brooklyn to Eagles Mere, PA. Up in the mountain in a range of mountains west of the... A Storm Grows in Brooklyn August 9 On Wednesday morning at 6 AM, I heard crackling thunder RIGHT after flashes of lightning. I popped out of bed knowing... The TIMES They Are A-Changin' August 6 I like the size of the New York Times. It's so big it forces negotiation with the person reading the section they... Running the NYC Marathon 2007 July 31 So, I am into this thing again this year. As was well covered here last year, I ran the marathon in 2006. In what... The Vineyard 2007 June 19 Each year since our honeymoon, my wife Elizabeth and I spend a week or more at a cabin in Martha's Vineyard. It's a... Reagan's Tear part 2 June 3 It's been months since I did the tear on Regan's cheek for Time. . That was a weird experience that was part fame and... Dragon Final May 24 My class at the University of the Arts has just concluded and as I mentioned earlier, the final assignment was a... Kitty Carlisle Hart April 18 I had the pleasure of meeting Kitty Carlisle Hart a while back at the unveiling of her late husband's USPS. She was a... Zimm in NYC March 3 It's been about a year for me to have a space on Drawger. In that year I gat a good look at what I've done in the past... Brush with fame March 1 I used to help run a gym in North Philly in the late 80's. Near the end of my time in Philly, a guy walked in the gym... illoz.com Movie January 4 This logo is fun to draw! That's my hand doing the drawing. Merry December 24 This particular holiday, for me, is filled with complexity. A life of surprises and disappointments not only for me... Here's to a Brave 2007 December 23 December 8th 1980 December 8 In memory of an artist who opened up his soul for others to see. powered by ODEO When I Was Wild December 3 At Thanksgiving I visited my mom in Connecticut. It's the house I grew up in. When I stay there, I sleep in my old... Mr. O'Brien Goes to Washington November 16 On Wednesday I went to Washington DC to the Smithsonian National Postal Museum to see the opening of a new show,... The NYC Marathon November 7 What a day. It's been years since I was actually up for a sporting event. Boxing has become more of a workout for the... NYC Marathon November 1 It's been too long between posting info about ARTWORK, and I AM working hard right now on a cover for Time Asia,... Halloween and Cassius October 31 My neighborhood is one of the most diverse in the country and it's filled with many levels of income and people from... John Lennon October 10 It ocured to me earlier that today would have been John Lennon's 66th birthday. I was driving home from teaching in... Billion Dollar Band September 23 With this weekend being music appreciation and all, I dove into youTube for 2 minutes and found this great gem of a... War Zone September 20 Edel's peek into his studio convinced me to offer a peek in the hornet's nest I call my studio. Intern needed. Philly Half-Marathon September 19 This weekend I ran the Philly Half Marathon (13.1 miles). As I wrote earlier, I took up running this summer and... My Iconic Podcast September 7 Erik Olson is an energetic young illustrator who created a wonderful podcast about illustration called ICONIC. He... Summer 2006...The End September 4 It started so wonderfully; picking up Cassius on our tandem bike as his final month of school was winding down, opening... Number 1 with a Bullet! August 23 This summer I decided to become a runner. I started on vacation, kind of like Forrest Gump, running away from our... Help me to Help Myself June 19 I have a ton to talk about upon my return from vacation, but I see all these great Father's Day entries and reading... Cassius Song May 19 My funny and inventive son Cassius had this groove in his head.  He called it either Baby to the Moon or Bickya... If someone... April 6 Bye Bye Tommy Boy April 5 This is a alteration to a cover I did for Congressional Quaterly that has been in a holding pattern for months.... New Painting - March 26th March 26 Just finished this piece. It's right off the easel. It's for an article about technology (are all articles about... Okay, so now I added some images March 25 Okay, so now I added some image but you're all artists and know me so who cares? What you really want are blog entries...
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