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Stained Glass Democrats

JULY 13, 2007
Over the long weekend last week I received an e-mail from Time about whether I would do a job. I try to get away in the summer and not be glued to cell phones and e-mail...(thanks Steve Jobs!) So I read the e-mail and I see that calls were made trying to find me and I quickly replied. It was for and image of the democrats, namely, Obama, Clinton and Edwards talking more and more about faith and religion. It was a cover. I think the AD thought of two ideas; one of the three in a church kneeling and the other was perhaps a stained glass. I liked that one and promised a sketch when I returned to the studio. It was due Wednesday...that gave me 2 and a half days. I did the sketch Sunday night and it was approved on Monday afternoon. I looked at many windows and have a house filled with them as well. Glass the effect of showing that these shapes were not just geometric but of glass was one that I was going for. The glass is varied throughout and the faces are rendering a way that looks a little like Tim O'Brien did it and a little like the rendering on a stained glass window. It is really hard for me to not just do what I do...I kept wanting to call Marc Burkhardt and split the job with him. He would have done these faces the right way. Cathleen Toelke too. Anyway since it publishes on Friday now, here is the painting. Intended for the cover, but not selected, they placed it as an opener. That's a nice thing. For years when I did a cover that was not used they put it on ice. Always killed me that it didn't run at all. Fun assignment that reminded me of how Ken Smith would use me. Not just the rendering but pushing the idea way out front.
It's always funny when Matt Drudge puts my illustration on his front page.