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Artists Against THIS War

JANUARY 5, 2008
I like that my fellow Drawgers are offering their pieces here to accompany the upcoming show at the Society of Illustrators. I'd like to put mine up here too. It was for Mother Jones, assigned in November of 2002. The anti-war rally happened as this came out and posters were made of it and passed out. Quite a thrill for me to see. I have a sketch but can't find the one I did for the final. As I recall it, going it alone was the theme and I did some with Bush wearing blinders (Anita did a fantastic version of this one) and another based on a Mark Tansey painting of soldiers going into battle on horseback riding backwards. (His is far cooler in that you don't see the actual scene, merely the reflection in a puddle). I was drawing him on a horse over and over and one time as I drew the horizon line from right to left I STOPPED. AHHHhh! Perfect. I thought of my youth and the hours watching Wiley Coyote fall off cliffs. This was the image I was looking for. The other image is for a book for Walter Dean Myers called 'Sunrise Over Falluja' The AD was Elizabeth Parisi. This one was almost my choice but I wanted my opposition to this war loud and clear. I like this cover though and I worked on it for a long time for me. A scene that looks very photographic but does not exist.
a small shot of the cover
The spread for Sunrise Over Falluja by Walter Dean Myers