Walter Vasconcelos
April 2008
Black and White / 6 [ e n d ]

We that work with commercial illustration know it is a kind of art that has well-defined rules: text, a defined lay-out, conversation with the AD and a final-art that pleases everybody, being as understandable as possible. 
But besides the every day work, I like drawing to myself and I think that I came to create a "private universe", where there are no rules.  
I always liked Donald Duck and his city full of dogs, ducks, mice that live "in harmony".  I thought: I can do the same! To mix characters, fragmented images, add some phrases, different languages, and make all sort of associations.  Kind of a "crazy-bossa-samba-pop". 
With no "great concept" at all, just the pleasure of drawing and having a good time. As time went by, these "qualities" have been interacting with my commercial work. As a matter of fact,  these drawings make me very happy, and are part of a small book I am preparing to be published in June, with new and old drawings. 
Thank you for your comments about this series Black/ White, you make feel that I am in the right way. 

Black and White / 5
Black and White / 4
This drawing I finished now... 
I have been selecting some B&W works for a small book that will be in print this semester.   
It's an opportunity to review and think about my drawings and my own work. 
Thanks for your comments in the last post, they have been of great help. :-)
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