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Multi-task ?

APRIL 5, 2007
Two illustrations for New Scientist magazine / UK. 
The Text: "Is it really possible to multi-task ? On her morning drive to work, Debbie drinks her coffee, eats her breakfast, checks her email and chats with her mum, often all at once. She hates wasting time. This isn't just a female talent: Alun can conduct a job interview on top of answering emails and surfing the web. These people are examples of an elite species of human: multitaskers. They can juggle more activities in 5 minutes than our ancestors did in a day. Or so they like to think."   
PS: I had a beginning of terrible week... My hard disk burned! Really a true hell! I called a firm of data and I got to recover almost everything!  Fly money... but I am in the sky! :-)
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