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SEPTEMBER 26, 2007

New illustration for The Pennsylvania Gazette, A.D.: Catherine Gontareck. 
Here's a summary of the whole story.... 
"Imagine you’ve just earned $5 for filling out a brief a questionnaire, and someone gives you the chance to donate some or all of that money to alleviate poverty in Africa.  How much of your unexpected windfall would you be willing to part with?  As anyone in the business of charity could  tell you, that depends on the sales pitch.   
If you’re given information about the plight of 3 million children going  hungry on account of regional food shortages, you might decide to reopen  your wallet.  Or you might not — perhaps reasoning that the problem is too vast for your donation to make an impact.  But if instead you’re  confronted with a picture of a seven-year-old girl named Rokia who lives in poverty in Mali, chances are that you’ll have a much harder time resisting the urge to give."

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