Victo Ngai
Flowers and women

Maybe it's spring time, or the lack of it in NY, I have been drawing more flowers and women than usual. 
"Love Hunter" runs in today's NYtimes Business section. The story is about modern day Chinese matchmaker, and how much love cost in today's materialistic China. It's a very interesting and depressing article, you can read it here, I highly recommend it!
Funny I got this assignment, I had dinner with some remote relatives just a couple weeks ago and got schooled about marriage. They told me I should find a lawyer, doctor or a banker as husband, quit my job and concentrate on being a good wife and mother. I was pretty upset but couldn't speak up against them as they were the elders. I later told my non-lawyer/doctor/banker white illusrtator boyfriend about it and he found the conversation very absurb and hard to believe, so I made him read this NYtimes story.

There were good news and bad news during the creation of this piece. When AD Minh proposed to me the idea of having the hunter looking for the most exotic and beautiful woman-bird, I thought it's brilliant and perfect because it talks about how women are being objectified and their appearance is the only thing that matters.The editor was skeptical about the concept initially, but we got the green light eventually after pushing hard for it. That was the good news. The bad news - this cover image bumped by a photo and became an interior page last min.

This limited edition 28X24” 9 colors + Gold Metallic Silkscreen poster (awesome right?) was done for the new Tomb Raider game launching event. The game is about young Lara Croft being stranded on a cursed Japanese island after a plane crash. The island is the shrine of the Sun Queen, being guarded by her loyal cult followers and the oni (zombie cannabilist samurai army). You can watch the trailer here.
This project was super fun as I was given the freedom to interpret the game in how ever ways I want and go nuts with it. Not to mention being able to create a perfect 10colors Silkscreen print without having to go through the registeration nightmare.
The white on the flowers near the top of the print is actually light reflecting off the metallic gold!

Big thanks to AD Marc Scheff and the Treehouse Brand Stores!
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