Taibbi's Take on the World Cup

JUNE 22, 2010

Matt Taibbi’s column in the current MEN’S JOURNAL (with Lance Armstrong on the cover) essentially explains why he hates soccer and why Americans should.  As always, it’s very funny and opinionated.  As he lists quite a few reasons, for me the unifying thread for the main illustration had to focus on a hapless American, slumped in his TV room chair, surrounded by annoying aspects of the game.

It was decided to take the current mascot out and include a whiny "injured" player (interestingly, overacting an injury a front page topic in yesterday's NYTIMES).

It was decided later to replace the goofy lion called Goleo with Zakum, the creepy leopard, but that would have required far more work than time permitted in the 12th hour. AD Damian Wilkinson agreed with my suggestion of a vignette of Zakum minus the poor slob in the chair.

The final result, stripping goal scoring players and all.