The Jock's Guide to Getting Arrested

JULY 22, 2010
The same week that I did the illustration for ROLLING STONE of Karl Rove in drag SMB&D garb riding Michael Steele, the draft for the monthly column in MEN'S JOURNAL, written by Matt Taibbi, showed up.  It was too coincidental but as I was in the zone, a madcap twisted sexual image was completely in line.  Matt's writing, once again, was cutting and funny at the same time.  Not a guarantee for a fast solution.  I have the same problem occassionally with David Feherty in GOLF.  The copy is so funny that landing on an image to encompass the humor can become problematic, especially when the humor touches on a number of images.  This one was an easy solution.  Just throw in the kitchen sink (ironically, the one thing not in the image).  The sketches just kept adding side gags on each go around.  My inspiration was via Kurtzman/Elder from the early days of MAD. 
Now on your favorite magazine stands (with Brett Favre on the cover).
The final rough.