...and Nobody Goes To Jail.

FEBRUARY 20, 2011
At the rate I'm going I'll soon have a mini museum 's worth of Wall Streeters as pigs imagery.  But for now, the latest exploration by ROLLING STONE via the outstanding Matt Taibbi, into the sordid criminality of what composes the Wall Street/Washington connection has yielded another illustration appearing in the current issue (Justin Bieber on the cover).  Had a great time drawing it out with the ever dependable, waterproof, Uniball pens.  After much head banging and a number of sketches it was decided to go with a great escape theme, only in this case the law is rolling out the red getaway carpet for the thief.  The article is well worth the read for the nuts and bolts information as well as Taibbi's cracker jack, no holds bar writing.
Thanks to Matt Cooley who art directed on this one.
The pen drawing was feeling very right so I scanned it for my records before going to color finish. The detective on the far right had to be changed to another cop but that was a minor matter. More than many of these Wall Street illustrations, this one has a sense of whimsy.