Too Soon? Too Late?

MARCH 20, 2011
There are some who are now complaining that Obama acted too late in regards to the mess in Libya.  By about 2-3 weeks.  As sure as unwanted hairs appear on the ears of men over 50 there would have been those who would have criticized Obama for acting too soon had he ordered military action and put the US forces into another firezone with no support and with no long term plan 2-3 weeks ago.  At least there's a plan now with concensus and it's a good bet Gadhafi's days are numbered. 
I sort of feel this way about this image which I did about a week ago when Gadhafi was already well into his murderous crazy TV rants about what he would do to Libyans who rose up against his dictatorship.  I've always had a fascination with Goya's "Saturn Devouring His Children"  and a desire to use it as the foundation for an image.  By the time I had the image finished, the rebels seemed to have the upper hand and this point of view seemed irrelevant.  Then Gadhafi and his army started getting the upper hand and this seemed to make some sense again.  However the horrendous catastrophe in Japan pushed Gadhafi off the spotlight and I set this painting to the side.  Now the US, Britain, France and Canada, with Arab support, are pounding the hell out of the seemingly victorious army of Gadhafi.  So I will set this into a drawer as a nice exercise, but wanted at least to post it somewhere.