The GOP War On Voting

At your newstands now in the current issue of ROLLING STONE.   The one with George Harrison on the cover.  Oh the mischief that permeates our politics.
It doesn't happen often nowadays but sometimes an article triggers an immediate visual reference that works.  In this situation the editors were looking to stress the notion of an assualt on voters vulnerable to disenfranchisment on all sorts of tricky legal grounds.  For whatever reason, my internal files pulled up John Trumball's iconic painting of the Battle of Bunker Hill.  It seemed like the perfect starting point for an image as well as a great composition to lean on.  The sketch was approved and the finish followed to everyone's satisfaction.  It's nice to work again for ROLLING STONE after being in Afghanistan.  Art directing as usual, the ever empathic Steve Charny.
It's dangerous to include artwork that is of high caliber. I've always loved this painting since being an American History geek kid.