The Joe Bonham Project

NOVEMBER 4, 2012
This weekend I managed to drive with Terri through the catastrophy that was left by Hurricane Sandy, stopping to drop off some desperately needed fuel with a friend in Nyack, and make it to Washington, DC, to help hang an exhibition that will have its opening this coming weekend at the Pepco Edison Place Gallery on November 10th.  We are scheduled for a press conference on the 9th at the gallery and there is a panel discussion on the Joe Bonham Project on the 11th.
This is a huge space to hold an exhibition and the artists of the Joe Bonham Project have submitted a substantial documentation of their work drawing and painting the wounded warriors returning from the front line of both Iraq and Afghanistan.  From the catalogue:
Who is Joe Bonham?
Joe Bonham is the main character in Dalton Trumbo's book Johnny Got His Gun. He is a severly wounded World War I soldier, who lost his limbs, his face, his ears, his tongue, but is miraculously still alive. His wish was to be put in a glass box and taken around the country to show the realities of war, but is ultimately denied and wisked away to live out his days, alone and forgotten, in an asylum.
What is the Joe Bonham Project?
The Joe Bonham Project is a collaboration between the Society of Illustrators and the International Society of War Artists. Artists volunteer their time, at their own expense, to travel to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, as well as various VA hospitals, and spend time with our wounded Veterans, talking to them and drawing them.
Why is The Joe Bonham Project important?
The mission of The Joe Bonham Project is to remind the American public, through art, of the sacrifices made by the men and women who serve in our nation's Armed Forces. This is a very important mission, and very important message, and like Joe Bonham's wish to be taken around the country, we want to take The Joe Bonham Project around the country as well.
It has been an honor to be a part of the JBP since nearly its inception and I look forward to remaining an active participant in this documentation.  Our exhibition is a strong one.  Politics are left at the door.  Our mission has been to tell the stories.
Hope to see you at the reception if you are in the DC area next weekend.
Photo: Johnathon Mullen

Photo: Johnathon Mullen

Photo: Johnathon Mullen

Photo: Johnathon Mullen

Photo: Johnathon Mullen

Work from Fred Harper and Bill Harris. Other artists in the exhibit are Kris Battles, USMC, Robert Bates, former Marine, Roman Genn, Joshua Kornblat, Phil Nesmith, Joe Olney, Emily Bolin, and Ray Alma.

Artwork from fellow Society of Illustrators member, Jeff Fisher.

Another view of the gallery space.

Victor Juhasz

Some of my work and a graphic novel approach to a visit from Jess Rullifson in the background.

Michael Fay.

Drawings by Richard Johnson.

Jeff Fisher, Michael Fay, Victor Juhasz.

Standing in front of the largest piece in the exhibit- a stunning painting by artist Steve Mumford. The smaller work is from Mumford as well.