APRIL 7, 2009
It seems the Interior Department was tickled enough by my illustration for the latest ROLLING STONE article, written by Tim Dickinson, about the new Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar.  It's fair, excoriates the previous administration's management of the department, and does not shy away from expressing concern over some of Salazar's allegiances.   A couple of prints were requested so I used it as an opportunity to play around with my Epson 2880.  In my letter accompanying the prints I made note of those concerns to the Secretary's rep.  Like they'll give a shit.

I owe a great deal to Will Elder and Harvey Kurtzman and those early MAD magazines, and try, whenever I can, to incorporate some of their visual slapstick in my own images. The deputy whipping his head around with the beer foam in his mouth, is just a little, grateful, acknowledgment.
Jesus, do I have enough links included on my letterhead? Knock it off Vic.